Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is Caraline, she is another character for my animae. She does not work well in society and has been considered an out cast.


This is Roesey. She is the second manga style drawing i have ever done. I plan on making an animae. I will get the software for my birth day and Roesey will be the main character along with one other i haven't drawn yet.


This a drawing i did for fun at my mom's house one day. She is an elf name Elva. I liked her but i would be happy to hear your comments.I Would also enjoy challenges ask me to draw something and i will be happy to try!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This is Mystreaks she is a vampire. She was one of the first characters for my animae that i was writing. She is now just a picture and a character no more.

My first blog!!!

Hi! if your reading this I'm glad to have you on my blog! i will be using this to show you some of my works of art. i draw and write , i use a Japanese drawing style similar to Manga. feel free to comment on any thing i do or say i would love to hear what other people think. this is my first time blogging and i am completely open to suggestions and comments. please come to my blog later for my drawings and writings. thanks again hope you like what i do!